Choosing The Right Fabric for Upholstery

Durability : good quality fabric always includes information about the "wear" of the fabric.
 This is measured in "rubs" through a process called the " Martindale rub test". (Which is measured by a machine that rubs and measures the number of rubs the fabric can endure before showing the first signs of damage.

When applied to domestic chairs and frames built after 1950. Either by being back coated or a flame retardant barrier cloth should be added, to the seating.
Pile direction : with most velvet's the direction of the pile is something to take into consideration in terms of the relationship between its final tone which applied to a chair's shape, durability and wear.
Pattern drop : certain styles of printed textiles may have an effect on the look and shape of you chosen seating when applied, also wastage may be a factor in  cutting printed fabrics. Fabric match is also to be considered when measuring the project in question.

When a client supplies their own fabric, it is their responsibility, to ensure that it is suitable for the purpose for which they intend to use it.
I will do my best to advise customers on the suitability of fabrics for any work under taken, however if a client decides to go ahead with a fabric that I regard unsuitable, then they do so at there own risk. Shortage of fabric supplied by the client is also the clients responsibility.
If you have any concerns or queries about fabric selection please get in touch and we can meet and discuss.

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