Terms And Conditions
* The contract shall exist between myself (Amanda Luddington) and the client.
* The contract will include those instructions written into the contract.
* Additional work, which may not be apparent when the original estimate was provided, will be disclosed to the client when discovered and a course of action agreed. This includes frame repairs,
When fabrics will not match accurately I will inform you directly.
All old covers/cushions removed will be discarded unless advised otherwise by the client.
All new covering fabric supplied will comply with the regulations with the exception of coverings which contain 80% natural fibers, when it is acceptable to use inter liner which compiles with the regulations.

* Payment terms : A minimum of 50% non refundable payement is required for me to accept an order, the outstanding balance due on delivery.
If at any time during the upholstery project, you no longer wish to proceed, your furniture will be returned to you as is and appropriate expenditure up to that point will be charged to you.
All materials and goods remain the property of River Cottage Upholstery until full payment is received.
* On signing of the contract will be an acceptance of the terms and conditions above.

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